MAC Ruby Woo Lipstic Review

I have recently become obsessed with this red lipstick, so I went to the store and bought it.

I have always wanted a matte red lipstick, but I couldn't find one as matte as I wanted it to be.
This one is so matte it's harder to apply than the rest of the lipsticks. So, for better application moisturizing the lips (with a lipbalm for example) is the best thing to do.

(I look sleepy haha)
I am really pleased with it. It's the perfect red lipstick to me. 

It looks really good, I admit! Note that I didn't use a lip liner, the base was crap and I didn't use concealer around the lipstick, so I can have clear edges.

Overall, I LOVE IT! The only thing I didn't like was its price. 18,50 are too much for one lipstick. 

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  1. Ανώνυμος12/10/13 1:22 μ.μ.

    Eισαι κουκλα και σου παει παρα πολυ το κραγιον..!Ελενη

  2. Ανώνυμος13/10/13 4:32 π.μ.

    η οδοντοστοιχια σου ειναι all the money. σαν διαμαντια ειναι.

  3. Hey Maria. I agree for the price its way too expensive, but I think its worth it. I love your blog :) xx

  4. Υπεροχο χρωμα!!


    xo xo

    1. Ναι, το αγαπώ! :)
      Ευχαριστώ για το σχόλιο!!


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