Christmas Decoration

I really like decorating! My room changes every month or less. I guess I'm bored easily, need changes and break out on my room.

This time I redecorated it the festive way.
Christmas is less than a month away, so I thought it was about time to make my room and house (hint hint! Last picture!) more Christmassy. :)

This may look just a normal Santa buuuuuuut...

He has lights on him! Multiple colorful lights that change!

It's not really lights, but tiny strings that are connected to a light source. This might not be the most scientific way of explaining it, but it actually is like that. :P
I have had this Santa for many years and I like him a lot. :)

Okay, so to fill in the space between the small wardrobe and my bed, I placed this lightening present, which I adore :) 

Bed and side table.

Alright, so the lights around the bed have been there before (as seen on the background of my videos, click here to be directed to them), but as well as on the table.

This time though, I wrapped the lights around the table and placed this beautiful Christmas decoration, the lightening house, which is my favorite piece. :)

I also decorated our house's Christmas tree.

HO HO HO Merry early Christmas!


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