Winter Look makeup tutorial & new hair!

First things first. Yesterday I dyed my hair red ombre and thought I'd show you. 
Click here to see my blonde ombre hair.

Okay, so this is the hair dye I bought.

And here is my hair before I dyed it. Excuse my naked face!

BLOOOOOOOOOOD. Okay, fine, it's not blood, it's the hair dye...or is it?

And voila! I'm happy with it :)

To the tutorial! I'm not even going to lie. I only did this to match it with my hair.
You don't need to be a redhead to wear this look though. 
Don't hesitate to go really bold with your eyebrows too! It is a must!
Hope you enjoy this wintry look!

Click the video to watch :)

Watch my previous tutorial "The Female Titan (from Attack On Titan)".

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7 σχόλια:

  1. Amazing Hair Colour! You look beautiful :)

  2. Filhmenh apo thn fwtia ^^ (Game of thrones reference :P)

    1. Θα γελούσα αν έβλεπα GoT. :P

    2. :O Vlasfimeia!

      Well an dn to katalaves, sto kokkino malli kolaei :D

    3. Ντάξει, μέχρι εκεί με κόβει. :Ρ


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