Zombie wound tutorial

Hello everyone! This is a really easy way of creating a zombie wound (and not only!)

Take a paper towel that has layers. Stick the corners with water and rip the paper in the middle. 

Stick it with lash glue on your hand.

Take some foundation and cover the edges.

Start building up the blood with red paint (or red lipstick) in the center of the wound.

Create depth by adding black paint (or eye shadow) on the inside corners of the wound.

Apply some more foundation on the parts that remain white.

Go a little crazy with blood. Add on fingers and tap.

Finish off with brown and black eye shadow on the hands for a dirty look. Add black paint on fingers to make them look like they're gone. My carpet doesn't really do it justice, but if you are wearing this on a fancy dress party, it will look better. Pinky promise. :)

Hope you enjoyed this quick and easy tutorial!

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