The Power of Makeup

Started by NikkieTutorials, continued by the world. 
The point of this video is to show people that believe we wear too much makeup that we do not actually care. Makeup is a way of expressing yourself. If you love this, you should keep doing it.
The original idea was to go full glam on one side, and bare faced on the other. I never go full glam, so this is my take on "the power of makeup".

Also, apologies for the really close shot. This was my first time trying out my new camera, so I didn't really know how to even stand.

Watch the video in full HD here:

Watch my previous video on "LeBlanc the Deceiver (League of Legends)".

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LeBlanc the Deceiver (League of Legends) + GIVEAWAY(closed)

LeBlanc the Deceiver from the online game League of Legends is now up on my YouTube channel!
Also get the chance to win LeBlanc's headpiece. More information in the video!

Hope you enjoy! :)

Watch the video tutorial here:

Watch my previous tutorial on "Nidalee the Bestial Huntress (League of Legends)".

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The chronicles of my hair

Hey everyone!
I am back from Crete, where I worked for 6 months, and since I couldn't do much to my hair, whilst I was there, I grabbed the chance now that I am back home.
Here's the deal: my hair has grown so much it has reached my lower back. I am really bored of it and cannot wait to chop it off. BUT FIRST I thought I'd totally destroy it by dyeing the craziest colour I could imagine. So here we are. Round 1: fuschia pink.

I bleached my hair from the shoulders. I obviously needed a stronger bleach, because you normally apply it for 10-15 minutes maximum, but even if I left it for half an hour, (I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS, I have really thick hair and I didn't care if it got damaged, don't do this if you love your hair) it still was not bleached enough.

It turned out to be something like this. I wanted it to be blonder, but meh. I also left the bleach on the lower part of my hair more and applied a really small amount on the top layers to get an ombre effect.

Time for some colour! I applied the pink for 10-15 minutes.

Voila! Round 2 will be lilac! Stay tuned!

UPDATE: Lilac tried to happen, but it didn't. :( My hair was too dark, so the colour was not visible. Oh well...

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