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Hey everyone!
I am back from Crete, where I worked for 6 months, and since I couldn't do much to my hair, whilst I was there, I grabbed the chance now that I am back home.
Here's the deal: my hair has grown so much it has reached my lower back. I am really bored of it and cannot wait to chop it off. BUT FIRST I thought I'd totally destroy it by dyeing the craziest colour I could imagine. So here we are. Round 1: fuschia pink.

I bleached my hair from the shoulders. I obviously needed a stronger bleach, because you normally apply it for 10-15 minutes maximum, but even if I left it for half an hour, (I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS, I have really thick hair and I didn't care if it got damaged, don't do this if you love your hair) it still was not bleached enough.

It turned out to be something like this. I wanted it to be blonder, but meh. I also left the bleach on the lower part of my hair more and applied a really small amount on the top layers to get an ombre effect.

Time for some colour! I applied the pink for 10-15 minutes.

Voila! Round 2 will be lilac! Stay tuned!

UPDATE: Lilac tried to happen, but it didn't. :( My hair was too dark, so the colour was not visible. Oh well...

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