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You thought I was done with my Nidalee pictures, eh? Well you guessed wrong! :D
I participated in Koi Play's cosplay contest on the 2nd of April. It was a lovely event, I never went to an event like it and I was really impressed. 
Now to the contest! I had to go through pre-judging, photoshooting and performing on stage. Sounds pretty terrifying, but it went better than expected. It really was fun. My heart was racing, since it was the first time I did something like it, but I later realized that the other participats were equally nervous, even if they have participated in multiple contests in the past. 
I don't wanna ramble any further, I ended up being 4th. I was really happy about it! My first ever cosplay contest and I was able to go on stage as a winner! I had the same amount of points as the 3rd winner, but he was better on stage, so the judges thought it would be fair if I got the shoutout I deserved. I really wanna thank them all for that. :)

See the video with all the cosplays (mine is at 0:21)

Watch my performance at 4:13.

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