Hello there sneaky reader that you want to know more about me,

My name is Maria Polychroniadou, I am 23 years old, Greek and living in Greece.
I was born on the 26th of May, 1995.
I am fluent in both Greek and English.
I am obsessing over way too many things.
I love music, drawing, photography, decorating and cute things.
I have never taken an art class. Ever.
I own an electric guitar, but don't know how to play. *insert cryng emoji*
My Chemical Romance will always be my favourite band.
I spend too much time on the internet. GUILTY.
I have cosplayed twice. IT WAS AWESOME. 
Half of me wants to wear black all day, but the other half pink.
England is my dream destination.
My mood changes every like five minutes.
I love candles.
I live for fairy lights.
I avoid anything mainstream, but I will end up falling for it.
Makeup has turned to be my whole life. 
My YouTube channel's name is Cinemabizarroula, a name I came up with years ago, from a great band I still appreciate, Cinema Bizarre.
If I could, I would change my hair color everyday.
I am thankful for every subscriber I have.
Beautiful comments brighten my day.
Alexys Fleming, owner of MadeYewLook, is my biggest insipration and role model.
I love collecting CDs.
I am a Potterhead and Slytherin.
The best gift I was ever given was Snape's wand. (Y U HAVE TO DIE)
I am really crafty.
Jared Leto is the most beautiful man I've ever seen.
I used to be a TV junkie.
My all time favourite song is Helena by My Chemical Romance.
I love way too many bands.
Promise Tamang Phan is subscribed to my channel. (still can't believe it)
My dream is to travel the world.

Ugh... I can't think of anything else. I'll come back to write more. Probably not.

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